Bonded NdFeB
We manufacture 200 tons of Bonded NdFeB(such as GPM-12,GPM-13L), Generally, the bonded NdFeB magnet is produced by molding compression of the compound NdFeB alloy powder with epoxy resin, also it can be made by injection or extrusion from NdFeB alloy powder mixed with plastic. The characteristics are as follows: Higher Magnet
Property.Large Freeness of Product Shapes and High Precision of Dimension: Good Corrosion
Resistance: after electrodeposited or through other special treatments, Diverse magnetization:
It has high production efficiency, suitable for mass production.
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Proprietary Technology and Advantages

●Specializing in the production of a variety of high precision and complex shapes of bonded NdFeB magnets;

●Professional at complex shape magnet with iron parts,copper parts,plastic parts,housing,shaft injection molding completely;

●The whole set of bonded NdFeB rotor and stator assembly can be provided.Strong integration capability.

●We have nearly 10 years of exprience in dssigning magnetic circuit and in magnetizing coil design and manufacturing.Themagnetization wave form could be square,sinusoid and so on.

●Provide a variety of different magnetization,Radial magnetization,multi-pole magnetization,Radial multi-pole magnetization and Composite magnetization magnetic performance stability,uniformity,good consistency.

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