SmCo magnets including SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 based on the different components.
The physical character and ductibility of SmCo5 is better than Sm2Co17, so SmCo5
is slightly easier to be machined thin thickness disc or ring wall and complex shapes
while Sm2Co17 is more brittle. Sm2Co17 maximum working temperature 350degree.
Sm2Co17 bears a extremely low temperature coefficient and preferably anti-causticity.
In high-temperature conditions, the magnetic properties is better than NdFeB magnets.

Flow Chart

Proprietary Technology and Advantage

We can make mass production for high grade YXG-32 with BH>=29MGOE consistently

and stably as U.S and Japan standard

We can make big size product up to 120*120*100MM with full magnetization

We can produce SmCo magnets through axial with many poles

We can offer the magnets with deviation less than 2degree between mechanical axis and magnetic axis

We can produce big size magnet with very strict tolerance up to +/-0.01mm and the crack within 1*1*1mm

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