Sintered NdFeB

Sintered NdFeB magnet is the most permanent magnet material in the world today, and it has become widely used in lots of fields due to its excellent permanent magnetic properties.

Coming out in early 1980' s. Its main constituent is Nd2Fe14B, which has high magnetic performance.Its maximum energy density(BHmax)is over 10 times as high as that of ferrite magnet; maximum working temperature up to 250 centigrade. Also, it has good mechanical behavior, which can be suitable for grinding, wire cutting and drilling and other different processing methods; Due to the weak corrosion resistance, the surface must use the different coating to match the different requirement.( such as coated Zn,Ni,Au,Epoxy etc.)

Sintered NdFeb
Flow Chart
Tolerance & Surface
1.High Performance

The high performance NBZY Magnets can reach: N55,55M,50H,48SH,45UH,42EH,38AH,etc.

2.High Consistency

The Cpk of Remanence(Br) and Intrinsic Coercive Force(Hcj) are much higher than 1.67.The consistency

of the surface magneric field and magnetic flux can be controlled at +/-1%.

3.Low Weight Loss

The super-high magnets of SenLong have a long lifetime with the following specifications;PCT:130°C,humidity 100%,vapor pressure2.7bar,20days,average low weight loss<2mg/cm2.

4.High Anti-Corrosion

The perfect coating of NBZY Magnets can meet many anti-corrosion requirements.The salt spray test and

humidity heat test of the high anti-corrision coating Nickel+Copper+Epoxy is typically more than 1000 hours.

Technical data of magnetic properties at 20℃ indoor environment

Production Process
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