The company has set independent R&D center--Engineering (Technical) Center. Now the company owns about 20research personnel, about 10 middle and high ranking personnel with technical posts.The company strengthens exchange relevant to technical cooperation with scientific research institutions, and has established long-term stable cooperative relationship with Ningbo Material, Technology and Engineering Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other scientific and research units successively
Raw material test
Oxyhydrogen and Carbon-sulphur analyzer
Laser particle analyzer
Table-type scanning electron microscope
Magnetic property detector under high temperature
Highly accelerated life test
Salt spray test
Magnetic declination automatic and precise instrument



Possessing technical R&D experience for almost ten years, the engineering center has walked a technical R&D road with its own characteristics.
No matter for N52,or 45SH,40UH and 38EH series products batch production has been realized and takes the leading position at home.
Vaccum stripe cast furnace
Powder process
Automatic moulding press
Continuous vacuum sintering furnace
Multi-station cutting machine
Multiple saw wire-cutting machine
Automatic plating line
Research and Development

Research and Development



On the basis of producing high quality raw blocks, NBZY has been Researching and developing updated surface protection technology vigorously. We can provide customers with high quality coatings and humidity resistance of coated magnets are quite good to assure magnets safe enough even in rigorous environments.During the process of coating and plating, NBZY attaches great importance to environment protection, all coatings meet the requirements of ROHS.



Through the persistent research on component formula and process technology, the micro-structure of magnet has been optimized and the particle size also been largely minimized. All achievements mentioned above make NBZY's magnet much less reliable to the heavy rare earth material and, therefore, greatly reduced the magnet cost.  For now, most of NBZY's grades are free of or with much less heavy rare earth.

Weight Loss

Under the environment of high temperature, high pressure and high humidity, the weight loss level of uncoated magnets can qualitatively reflect life clearly . Referring to the standard IEC68-2-66 and after 20days HAST testing, weight of loss than 2mg/cm2 is available for NBZY magnets, which is the top level worldwide.

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